Dyason Letters

The links below point to a trove of letters dating from 1847 to 1915. The recipient of these letters was Isaac Edward Dyason, who was born in Ramsgate, Kent (United Kingdom) in 1832 (d.1915 in Melbourne Australia). The eldest of a family of 9 surviving children, he was sent to live with relatives Uncle John and Aunt Julia Dyason, and their unimaginatively named son (John) and daughter (Julia) in Cape Town (South Africa) at the age of approximately 9 1/2 to 10 years. He stayed there until 1850 when he left in the company of a family friend, John Hare (see agreement dated April 26 1850).

They arrived at Port Adelaide (South Australia) in the Jack on 14th June 1850.Isaac found employment and quite soon parted from Hare. Isaac went to the Mt Alexander diggings in 1851 and then later dug at Bendigo where he was very successful, leaving with £1,200 in his pocket. An uncle on his mother’s side (Frederick Pearce) came out to join him on the Diggings in early 1853 and stayed in Australia for about 25 years, returning to England in 1878 at the end of his adventures.

English Letters

Diggings Letters Part One 1850 to 1868

Diggings Letters Part Two 1869 to 1915

Dyason South Africa 1850 to 1855

Dyason South Africa 1856 to 1860

Dyason South Africa 1861 to 1888