I’m looking for any information about the Wingate Family who lived in the Gardens. Their original home was 13 Bel Ombre Road Tamboer’s Kloof which I remember visiting with my grandmother who was a certain Mary Wingate. Her mother was Kate Gilmour by birth and gave her name to Gilmour Hill Road, which, if my memory serves me is just below Bel Ombre Road.

My Grandmother’s father was Gilbert Wingate who died in 1916 and was a building contractor of some note having built what was then The South African Bank of Athens. From all accounts her fell on hard times due to the fact that there was no penalty clause for bad weather in a contract and thus had to pay large sums of money to compensate for this oversight. He had a son who worked with him and who left for America, never to be heard from again, and this is the reason I am enquiring.

I live in Port Elizabeth and have been to Cape Town and still have Wingate descendants there, so would be most appreciative of any information you might have in this matter of the brother Robert who went to America, if available. As a matter of interest all the daughters were married in the Gardens Presbyterian Church which still stands to this day. The Reverend J.J. Mc Clure officiated in a number of these ceremonies.

Trusting to hear in due course.

Yours sincerely,

Robert Gooseman