Dear Cape Town Family History Society,

I am struggling to make the final connection in a lost family search on behalf of my cousin, which I believe will end in Cape Town, South Africa.
My cousin Fiona’s (b.1962, Scotland) maiden name is Cloud. Her father was Norman Cloud (1925-2013, Scotland).
Norman’s sister (Fiona’s Aunt) was Mary Mann Richardson Cloud (1923-1960, b.Scotland, d.Johannesburg,SA).
Mary married a South African, Cyril Kneale Kenneth Newton (1915-1987, b&d.South Africa) in London, England, in 1945. He had a spell in the RAF.

Their daughter Evelynne Mary Newton (Fiona’s lost cousin) was born 9th October 1946 in South Africa.
Evelynne married a Mr.Jones in about 1971, and they seem to have had a son Mitchell Mann Jones on 30th January 1972 in South Africa.

I found Evelynne Mary Jones and Mitchell Mann Jones on the Voters List 2004 to vote at Timour Hall Primary School, Plumstead, Western Cape, South Africa.
Evelynne is a retired bookkeeper, and will be 70 on 9th October this year 2016. Mitchell would now be 44.

If you are unable to make the connection, perhaps you could suggest places I could post a Notice about my search locally, such as a good newspaper or website advertisement section.
I have used and to get this far, and I have the family tree on if you want to see it.

Fiona would love to make contact with her cousin Evelynne.
Hopefully it is not too late!

Kind regards,

Trevor Pocknell
England  (