Dear members of the Cape Town Family History Society,

I am currently drawing a large family tree for the DOLLFUS family.

I tell you what I know about the link of this family with the Cape Town area.
If you have information about this family, or an idea to get information about it, please tell me.

We know that Johann Heinrich DOLLFUS von VOLCKERSBERG
(also written DOLFUSS or DOLLFUSS or DOLFUS, or …, or may be only VOLCKERSBERG or VOLCKERSBERK or …)
was born the 19th of october 1760 in Mülhausen, independant republic at that time, linked with Switzerland, but today called Mulhouse in Alsace (France).

Since 1787, he was Secretary and lieutenant of the colonnel baron von HÖGGEL from the Dutch company of East Indies, sent to Cape of Good Hope by Netherlands.

Johann Heinrich DOLLFUS von VOLCKERSBERG stayed there.
He maried there on the 14th of december 1789 with Louise Hélène (or Louisa Helena) von HEYDEN, coming from Berlin (Germany), the daughter of Captain von HEYDEN who lived there too.
I just know they didn’t come back to Europe.
May be they had children there, and they died there too.

Because, in the Stieler atlas 1869 and also 1890, there were a place called DOLFUSS HAUS (DOLFUSS House) a few kilometers to the north of Cape Town, see the map just below (1890) :

Today, I see only Liesbeek Rd and Wynberg on the google map.


Fingers crossed.
Thank you very much for your help or an idea to help me to draw the DOLLFUS’s family tree.

Best regards from France.

Odile Nguyen