Lost – Austrian teacher Anna Marie Hlawaczek

Dear CTFHS Ms Smythe and webmaster

I hope you can direct me to research sources.

For a friend from the Society of Malawi (in Blantyre, Malawi), I have offered to try to find evidence of the above woman who is reputed to have lived and worked in Cape Town between 1887 and 1893 (the year of her death in Mulanje, Malawi).

She was born in Vienna around 1849 and had a very colourful and cosmopolitan history, travelling the world. Her profession was teacher/governess. She left Australia, it is believed, in 1887, where she had been a headmistress at West Maitland Girls High School, New South Wales.

She sometimes spelled her name Lavajek (phonetically).

She may have used the local newspapers in Cape Town to advertise for work. She will have arrived by ship. The legend is that she left Cape Town to walk back to Austria and died en route.

Do you know where I can examine the Argus and Times archives? Do you know where ships’ passenger logs are held? Do you know of any educational or census data which may help?

Sorry to ask – but you are the experts and I have to start somewhere!

Kind regards

Lindsey Macdonald