My name is David Stanley and I reside in Victoria, Australia.

Research into my family history has led me to a family of nurserymen working and living in Cape Town.

My grandmother Florence Kathleen WAKEHAM was a STORKEY.  She was one of thirteen children born to Daniel George and Wilhelmina STORKEY.  Daniel’s Death Notice (2830) issued on 25th September, 1913, has him residing at “Storkey’s buildings, Sea Point” at the time death.

My enquiry is – has anyone at the society ever heard of a ‘Storkey’ building?  Daniel was a property owning nurseryman of mixed race.  My DNA indicates a 10% presence of Kenyan and 7% presence of Indian heritage – I suspect this where, or sometime prior, my DNA had some hybrid vigour injected.

One of Daniel’s sons, Cecil STORKEY, died of war wounds and two addresses are listed on his Death Notice –  12 Longmarket Street, Cape Town and also Tramway Road, Sea Point.  Other family records make reference to High Level Road, Sea Point – never a number.

I have found records of the STORKEY family living in Cape Town as early as 1819.

Hope that the society has some knowledge of this family or the building to which the Death Notice refers.

Yours sincerely

David Stanley