Mostert’s Grave

My trip through the “jungle” to find the gravesite of the Mosterts.
Lucille le Roux

My husband, Errol is maternally related to Mosterts. My sister-in-law, Erica said some time ago she had discovered this gravesite (below Rhodes Memorial) containing many graves of Mosterts. Eagerly I took Erica up on her offer to lead us to it.

We met at Rhodes Memorial at 10.30am.Thursday 3 Jan 2008 equipped with notebook, pen, camera & Errol with a cudgel ! The bushes & trees were so thick that we had to physically hold them apart to make our way down with no visible path, slipping & sliding on dry grass & over dried, cut-down alien vegetation,avoiding thornbushes & holes. Every little while she would tell us to wait while she went on & tried to see where the gravesitre was. She kept saying we must veer to the left but as we reached a certain point she spotted it & it was to the far right !! What a relief that it was in sight, I was beginning to think that we were lost !

I caught myself thinking “What on earth – am I doing here ?!!”

Errol & I were bleeding from the thornbushes.(That happens easily when one is on Ecotrin). I took some photos & notes. Some gravestones were badly damaged & could not be read. There were a few that were recently placed there in 1996 so this gravesite is still in use. What was so strange was the shape of some of the graves. There was a whole set together above the ground like small cylindrical tombs. See midcentre of photo & under tree in shade.

I later went with these notes & looked them up on the Cemetery Recording Project CD from GSSA CD008 & found that this gravesite is Welgelegen.
These graves have been documented already.

I was not looking forward to the climb back up to Rhodes Memorial which looked so very far away. We went towards the grassy area & started our climb back through less bush but steep. Rhodes was to our left as we ascended. A large shady tree was at a point where a little stream appeared out of the earth. Someone had supported its roots with huge stones to keep it from being toppled by the water washing the earth away beneath it. Erica suggested a rest but I knew if I stopped there then I may not be able to get up again. As we climbed higher the terrain was more difficult – with holes & thornbushes to avoid, rocks, broken branches to climb over etc. My legs felt like they did not want to go on. Above us we suddenly saw a jogger running & realised we were close to a path. We headed for it but the slope to it was very steep & we all but collapsed onto it when we reached it. We had to lighten our load by removing a few little “friends” that had become very attached to us ( little red ticks!) fortunately not to our skin. We then rewarded ourselves with iced drinks at the Restaurant & admired the magnificent view. This was quite an experience & feat for me – considering that my total exercise is walking in malls,hanging washing,cleaning house & dusting off the Health Walker !!

Today – Friday – I discovered that I have muscles that I did not know I have !!