The Burgess family are originally from Middlesex England

My great Grandparents Ellen (born 1866 Ne Neighbour) and William (born 1862) Burgess emigrated to South Africa between 1901 and 1910 taking with them 4 of their 6 daughters.
I believe they settled in Wynberg as some of the photos herewith are taking at a local Wynberg studio. The daughters who emigrated with their parents were Eliza Born 1887, Mary Ann Born 1887, Rose Anne Born 1884 Elizabeth Rose Born 1899. Elder sisters Sarah Born 1882 and Ellen Born 1884 remained in England.
Eliza met and married an English officer and eventually settled back in England with their 2 sons, going on to have a daughter in 1911. I am in contact with Eliza’s youngest daughter and her granddaughter who have verified the attached photos which were taken in Wynberg.
I believe that William Burgess’s brother and his family also emigrated to S.A. Though I am not sure if they travelled together. Brother James Burgess born 1858 in Ruscombe, Buckinghamshire. Wife Eliza (no other info).
Son James William Burgess born 11/07/1885 London – died 1942 Durban S.A. James William Burgess married Ada Ellen Lamb born 1884 Saint Helena died 1967. They had a son Samuel Edward Burgess born Durban 30/04/1925 died Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu- Natal, S.A.16/05/1991.
I have very little other information having not been able to find travel details. I would be very grateful if there is anyone who can hep me in any way to learn what happened to my G Grandparents and their daughters also my G Uncle and his family.
Maggs Henson-Edwards Bristol, England

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