My name is Caroline Boehner and I am Canadian,from Halifax, Nova Scotia.
I am looking for info on my grandfather. I believe he was born in Wynberg, Sept. 17, 1904 & he died July 05, 1984 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Although the name we know my Great grandmother by was Edwards, my grandfather somehow got the name James Wade and not Edwards, so I am not sure if he was illegitimate or if she married a Wade before she married an Edwards.

My Grt.Grd’mother, was Maude M Edwards (nee may be McKinley? or McVeith?) Born Mar. 1886, Died Nov. 08, 1979 possibly in Margate, Durban.
I was told she was the daughter of a naval officer (name unknown) who was stationed in Simonstown.
When young she played the organ at church. She married David Peter Edwards -born 1872?, died at age 60 in 1932. Died: Oct 15, 1932=Block K Row J #37 Dutch Reform Church, not sure where.(Margate, Durban?) I believe he was a builder. I am looking for records for James Wade, Maude Edwards and David Peter Edwards.

Any assistance at all, any info, on and about other family members, would be greatly appreciated. I so much appreciate the work or volunteers and wonder if there is anyone interested in geneology, who could take on this project in their spare time?

Thank you so much for considering my request,