I am looking for any information about George Thomas Augustus Farrell. I would really like to know his birth and death dates, never mind his parents and whole life story!!

All I do know for sure about him is the date of his marriage to Elizabeth Kay on the 25th Feb. 1870 in Keiskammahoek. They lived in Alice, Eastern Cape and had 4 known children,

Edward – 1870
George – 1872
Alice – 1874
Lucy – 1878 (my Grandmother)

Elizabeth died in 1883 leaving George in a bad financial position with 3 minor children. The children were brought up by their Aunt Agnes and Uncle Michael Kelly in Fort Beaufort.

George was a store man – military, I think and Michael was a shoemaker.

Any information would be most gratefully received. I have looked in all the SA archive sites to no avail for any of them other than Elizabeth.

Thank you,

Mel Cross – jacross@nashuaisp.co.za.