I am searching for details about my grandfather who was sent from Great Shelford Post Office , near Cambridge , England in 1901 to be a telegraphist in South Africa.

I believe he went to Cape Town.

Do you have any information about these telegraphists?
My grandfather later became a land pioneer and must have lived in Durban as his daughter, my aunt, was born there in 1904.

Details: Ernest William Gee born 1882 in Battersea, London. Lived at Great Shelford Post Office Cambridgeshire until sent in 1901 to South Africa as a telegraphist
married(do not know when, where in South Africa) Ethel Margaret Gibson, who was visiting South Africa to nurse her sick brother daughter born Durban 1904 divorced(supposedly) by 1906 as his son,
(my father) was born back in the Post Office in Great Shelford in July 1906 reported to have died young soon after divorce as my father and aunt were adopted by an aged Welsh aunt by 1908 in Wales when money dried up from Ernest & nbsp; and Ethel had to make a living being a nurse. It would be amazing if you (or any other contact) could help to trace Ernest Gee. The only Ernest William Gee who comes up on any website here, died in Cape Town in 1954 and was cremated at Maitland Cemetery..
unless this was my grandfather and he didn`t die young!! I apologise if in contacting you, I should have used a different resource contact. Thank you for your time reading this and I am hoping so much that you will be able to help.

My father died very young and it wasn`t until after my aunt died fairly recently that I found a letter which said about the Gees and the adoption .

My father became a Williams.and I always thought the relatives in Wales must have been his elderly! Ernest and Ethel then came to light!. Kind regards,,

Kind regards,

Barbara Reid (Mrs) nee Williams