Princess Christian

We recently received this interesting letter from

Princess Christian Home Village:

Please forgive my bothering you but another resident, Mr. Mike McCarthy, of the Retirement Home where I live — Lawton Court, Princess Christian Home Village in Lente Street, Tokai — suggested that I approach you and gave me a newspaper cutting giving notice of your meeting on 20 March which included your e-mail address. For my sins I edit the Village Newsletter which comes out three times a year and I am currently trying to get information about the Princess Christian. There is plenty of data about her early life and marriage but it is difficult to find any information about her visit to South Africa in 1904 — she came out to visit the grave of her son, Prince Victor, who died of enteric fever while fighting for Britain in the Boer War. The grave is in Pretoria, and I know that she visited Durban and also Cape Town as there are institutions bearing her name in all three cities.

Mr. McCarthy wondered if any of your members might have some stories from parents or grandparents about either those visits or the foundations to which the Princess graciously gave her name in Pretoria or Durban. If so please give them the above address or telephone number – 021 712 5427 and I will gladly arrange to meet them.

Again, my apologies for bothering you, but any help that might be forthcoming will be most gratefully received.

With best wishes to you and the Cape Town Family History Society, Enid Ryall (Mrs.).

Is there anyone who can help Enid?