After having studied your website with interest, I take the liberty to contact you by e-mail.
I am currently working on a research project in preparation of an upcoming book about the Norwegian traveller and tradesman, Fredrik Ring (1795-1872).

During his youth, Mr Ring was influenced by his elder brother, Paul Moth Ring (1787-1831). According to the book of Eero Kauparinen, “An African Alternative – Nordic Migration to South Africa 1815-1914″ Paul Ring was the first Scandinavian to settle in South Africa after the beginning of the Britsh rule. Mr Ring came to Cape Town in 1819. In Norway, there is little knowledge of Paul Ring’s life in Cape Town.
I have now concluded a dilligent research effort of relevant, Norwegian sources without much result. Therefore, it is my hope that your organisation could have access to further information not yet known in Norway.

As mentioned, Mr Paul Moth Ring arrived in Cape Town in 1819, most likely towards the end of the year. At the age of 32 on his arrival, he was already a seasoned sea captain. He had also served as a lieutenant commander in the Danish-Norwegian Navy during the Napolean war. From his brother, Fredrik Ring’s address book, Paul Ring had two known addresses in Cape Town: – P.M. Ring, No 2 Bouquet Street, Cap of Good Hope – P.M. Ring, Langemarkt Street 27, Cap of Good Hope

According to an obituary in a Norwegian paper, Mr Paul Moth Ring died in Cape Town May 11, 1831. This concludes the information I so far has been able to collect on Paul Ring’s life in South Africa – not much as you can see. It would therefore be of great importance to my project if you or your organisation could be of assistance in loacating more information about Mr Paul Ring’s life and activities while in South Africa. Any information would be of interest or any reference to local expertise who could guide me in my further research.

Needless to say, if you incure any expenses on my behalf, I will of course reimburse your organisation. I can also add that this project is supported by the Norwegian Embassy in South Africa and you are most welcome to contact Mr Christian Fougner at the Embassy.
His contact information: Mr Christian Fougner, Counsellor. Telephone +27 12 364 3700.
Email: christian.fougner@mfa.no

Looking forward to hearing from you
Best regards
Ole Jacob Sunde