I hope you will forgive this intrusion but I obtained your e-mail address from your website.
I receive a regular e-mail from and was told that the South African website was closing down in late February.
I didn’t know of this site or indeed of any South African websites.
I am 76 years old, living in Hampshire,England with my wife and daughter. My parents split during the 1939-1945 war when my father was serving in the Royal Air Force in South Africa.
I was fostered by my father’s sister. I never heard from my mother again but recently through Genes Reunited I found out that she married again and that she had two more children, a boy and a girl.
I met my half-brother last Spring in Northumberland and hope to meet my half-sister in Yorkshire in the future.

The finding of has raised my curiosity about my father’s side of the family. He came back to England after the war and told me he had remarried to “Marjorie” and had just had another son “Michael”. He went back to South Africa and I never heard from him again. I suspect this was after agreement with my foster mother. She never mentioned my parents again. When she died I looked for a photograph of my father out riding with Marjorie and also a newspaper cutting from South Africa about their wedding but both were missing.My father Harold Geoffrey Rowe, was born 3rd November, 1910 in West Ham, Essex and my mother remarried on the 21st August, 1945 so I suspect my father married Majorie round about that time. On the ancestry24 site I found a Harold Geoffrey Rowe who died 08 November1972 and that there was a Cape Town Deceased Estate.On the same site I found an entry for a Michael Marsden Rowe Gazetted on 02 June 2006 and 04 Aug 2006 for a deceased estate.
Marsden is an unusual Christian name and I wondered if that was Marjorie’s maiden name and there is an entry for Marjorie Marsden Rowe’s deceased estate Gazetted on 27 Feb 1998.I couldn’t find any birth or marriage records either on that site or other sites.
I would like to find out if I have any living relatives in South Africa and as ancestry24 is about to close I am wondering if you could give me any advice on how to proceed with my search.I am not very experienced in family history search and few South African records are on-line. Ancestry24 are saying that it can take up to a year to obtain a reply from South African sources. My father and half-brother had about the usual life span for the Rowe family of about 60 so I must have my Mother’s genes to have lasted to 76 but as she died in childbirth I don’t know how long this gives me!I would be most grateful for any advice that you can offer.

Yours sincerely,
Richard Rowe