My name is Glenda Woodford and I am doing a family research on three relatives of whom two died as children in South Africa. One died in Cape town and the other child died at Knysna. The family of Alfred Woodford left (from information I have) left England in 1881 and were in South Africa till 1884 then migrated back to England and then on 5/11/1887 migrated to Australia.

I have that one of the family by the name of Alice Woodford remained in South Africa but one child named Charles Woodford died in Knysna on the 12 th April, 1884 and the child Nellie Woodford died at Cape Town on 25th May, 1881. The children were aged 13 and 9 respectively.

I was wondering if I would be able to obtain copies death certificates and thus may be able to obtain more information to my research. I am trying to find out the Alice Woodford would have been when she arrived in South Africa. to date I am having no luck with my research for this information but from other information I think she may have been only been around 20 ??? but I am thinking she was the second oldest in the family and the eldest brother was born around 1863.

I would be grateful for your reply to this enquiring.

Ross Woodford [ rawoodford@gil.com.au]
Many thanks,
Glenda Woodford =