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'1/07South African Genealogies 9 - RA - RON
'1/08South African Genealogies 10 - ROO - SCHN
'1/09South African Genealogies 11 - SCHO - SNY
'1/10South African Genealogies 12 - SO -SZ
'1/15South African Genealogies 13 - T - U
'1/30South African Genealogies 14 - VA - VIR
'2/19South African Genealogies 15 - V15 - WAL
'3/7South African Genealogies 16 - WA - WY
'3/24South African Genealogies 17 - X-Z + ADD
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'6/20bNew Cousins - How to trace Living Descendants of your AncestorsKaren Bali
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'8/1Who do you think you are?Encyclopaedia of Genealogy
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'8/4The Zanzibar Chest-a memoir of love & warAidan Hartley
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'9/2Delville Wood
'9/3The Door
'9/4The Dark Room At Longwood - A voyage to St Helena
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'13/1Cape Hills in the SunlightKatherine Heywood
'13/2500 Years of History in South AfricaProf. C. Muller
'13/3Good-Bye Dolly Grey - A Story of the Boer WarRayne Kruger
'13/4Old Gold. The History of the Wanderers Club Thelma Gutsche
'13/5Anglican Worship in the Constantia Valley 1860 ~ 2010
'13/6History of Plumstead (A paper)
'13/7The 200 year JourneyVal Tilbury
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'13/10Militaria Magazine
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'14/1General Estate & Orphan Chamber - a centuary of service1856-1956
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'14/8The World of Skinners
'14/9Paarl Valley 1687-1987A.G. Oberholster/P. Van Breda
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'14/12 South African GenealogyAnne Lehmkuhl
'14/13Voetspore deur die Slanghoek ValeiEtha van der Schyf
an der Schyf