AGM 2012


It gives me great pleasure to present the Chairman’s report for the 2011/2012 year. We started off the year with a new team. The front desk being managed by Margaret Robinson and membership by Sandra Cruywagen after a few initial hiccups all the bugs were sorted out, I’m happy to report all systems are working well.

Steven Peel our Treasurer has managed our financial affairs during the year.

Ann Smythe, Derek Pratt, Tony Allan, Cynthia Winstanly and Betty Nelson have served the committee and will detail their achievements under the various portfolios.

Administration Ann Smythe – Secretary and club reporter has been looked after the secretarial duties in her efficient manner included liaising with the local press and other Public Relations functions. Her dedication and hard work is appreciated by us all.

Newsletter – Derek Pratt has consistently produced an excellent News Letter every quarter and would once again remind the members your contributions are important to maintain the high standard achieved.
Website – Tony Allan our Webmaster is constantly striving to improve the website. His imagination knows no bounds and has now placed radio clips on the site to add interest to those visiting the site. We once again acknowledge and thank RSA Web for the free hosting of our web site
Library- Our librarian, Cynthia Winstanly despite a few setbacks during the year has painstakingly looked after our library.
Our library continues to grow with about 200 books covering a wide range of subjects we thank all those persons who have donated books to the society.
A list of books and CD’s are available on the web page.
Training Programmes – Once again Lois Harley has almost single handed continued with the popular training courses. In total eight training courses were held with subjects ranging from an Introduction to Family History, Workshops for beginners and special interest courses included a very well attended discussion on St Helena, using cameras and using the internet.
Meetings – Our monthly meetings during the past year have been extremely well attended, we had nine speakers on various topics, one visit to a historical venue – Lodge De Goede Hoop, and a well attended social function in Ann Smythe’s garden. It was heartening that our own members have addressed us on a couple of occasions and this is to be encouraged
Refreshments – Betty Nelson and Lucille Le Roux have continued to produce a very high standard of teas and our special thanks to those who have helped them.
Conclusion – Our society continues to grow – however we do need participation from all of you and continued assistance and input to make our meeting interesting and of a high standard.
We need our members to come forward to assist with the management and to offer names of suitable speakers.
Finally I would like thank those who have served on the Committee, Lois Harley for the training courses, John Cross for repairing and managing the sound system, those who have donated books and C.D.’s to the library, local news sheets for publishing the details of meetings, St. John’s Church for the Hall and Brenda the Church Secretary and our Web Site Sponsor R.S.A. Web.
Thank you
CHAIR – 2011
March 2012